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what a jerk...

i feel like one at least.

i'll keep you posted.
i was going to talk about books and how noone reads them anymore but i guess not. blahh!

Sometimes it's embarrasing...

it's not as cold as it was. last week was really nice out. people were walking around in shorts. this week was not so nice, we had to bundle up again...hate [random] weather like that.

i ended up selling 5 shirts for STAND...they came out nice but i don't think we're going on a field trip...lame. so much for motivation.

i wrote a poem about different types of love for the "sweetheart" poetry contest. i didn't win, they gave me one of those "thank you for participating" letters...i have to read what 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place wrote so i can know how to win next year. i'll post the poem one day...maybe. truthfully, i didn't really like my poem that much anyway. i had forgotten to do it over the weekend and rushed the night before...while watching heroes.

which by the way is getting kind of stupid. i'm digging the whole sylar/baby sylar[luke] thing that's going on though. hah, it's so cute. claire is annoying, she's related to too many people in the show. i'm glad daphney died[oh, is that mean?]. and suresh isn't even a hero/fugitive/someone with abilities. he developed a rash/mega-scab because his senses had been "heightened"...pretty sure that means gross and not hero.

i like "the city" even though whitney is a little air-heady. i think i watch the show more to laugh at her and her friends rather than being genuinley[i spelt that wrong] interested in their lives. whatever, i give them ratings...

ugly betty is getting blah too. she makes too many mistakes and is still, well...ugly.

i saw sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 and i wanted to cry, the trailer was better than the movie.

i might start watching lost. season 1 here we go!
i want a summer job, homegirl needs to get paid.

this is a mean post[at least, i think so].
i need to go study/do something fun/sleep.
i don't get enough sleep.

i joined track! it starts in less than 2 weeks.
i'm kind of nervous.

my band, my album, the works.

Band - Vehicle Registration Plates of Azerbaijan
Album - no glory in the triumph

i saw from my friend's blog that there is this "game" on wikipedia where you can do these random things to get the name of your band, the title of your first album, and the album cover. i did it and that[^] is what i came up with. i would def buy a cd that looks like that. hah, so hit me up if you find it.

if i make a band i will definetly use this...
i should start uploading cool pictures since i finally figured it out[haha].

How to play:
1 - Go to Wikipedia. Hit "random"
or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to Quotations Page and select "random quotations"
or click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four or five words of the very last quote on the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to Flickr and click on "explore the last seven days"
or click http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

i copy and pasted from a blog of some girl that i do not know...forgive me.

i've been working

on my commitment issues.

today i joined the literary art magazines and will be selling Echoes literary art magazine...what fun.

the teacher in charge seemed thrilled when she found out i was a junior because that means there will be people for next year...to be in charge i suppose(that's always a plus)

for STAND(students taking action now: darfur) i hadn't sold any tshirt until i found out that i needed to sell at least 2 shirts to go on the field trip so that is exactly what i did. i sold 5 shirt in all!! hah, no way they can NOT let me go on the trip now...of course a lot of the money goes to our cause...

it's so nice out. all the snow from our 90min delay last week has melted and i am READY for spring. i'm ready for everything. ready for track. bring it on.

i'm writing a poem(due tomorrow) for a valentines day poetry contest...i haven't started yet but i don't know it's not really mandatory but i actually want to do it so i guess i have to do homework quickly to get to the poetry writing...i entered the contest freshmen year and just got a participation envelope but this year i plan on winning. hah, maybe it was because my poem two years ago was about hating an ex lover and they probably were looking for some lovey-gushy poem.

i'll write about unconditional love this time. sounds good?
yea, i think i'm going to start putting my poems up on this...just random things that i've written. and if anyone actually reads this they can tell me what they think of my writting...i guess?


is something i need more of.

i wish i wrote in this more than i did...it's been what? 3 months...impressive. over the past 3 months i had christmas, a lot of nice new giftees...that's always a treat. new years was a drag...kinda boring but whatevs...2009!! woo!!

i got a new compy compy(yesterday)

and i decided what cellular device i would like to replace my current(samsung alias) with. not sure when i'm getting it but ok whatever.

my school had bomb threats...not good but hey i'll tell you more about it later...

i gained weight...i'll keep you posted on how much weight i manage to loose. because i want to start track and i'm almost positive they won't want shamoo(?) on their team...idk i think i might sprint instead of long distance so i gotta work on those legs...well i have to work on my legs no matter what so idk...i have a month to prepare...wish me luck.

hmm i gotta get that physical in/done...better remind the madre to take me to the doctor.

i'll try and say something tomorrow because today was kind of just a mix of random thoughts...idk whatever i'll ttyl i guess.

i wrote a poem

it was nice.
it was for a writing contest/scholarship thing.
it could be about anything.
it was optional.
i did it.

so i might have mentioned this weeks before, but i wrote this poem and i told myself that i would post it up here if i was chosen for the next part of the process(they keep weeding people out...started with 17 and now 4, from my school. i AM that 4.) because i was chosen, here it is...

How to Be

Every second of every minute, every minute of every hour,
Every hour of every day, every day of every week,
Every week of every month.
The world is changing day by day,
Uncontrollable, no time to waste – delay.

They slap his backside, they wait for a response,
The room is silent, a pin can be heard.
The small whimper of a young boy,
It slices the silence, breaks the noise.
At that moment, he is all they see, all they hear,
He is all.

First word, first step, first fall,
He grows, inch by inch, time flies by.
In no time he is off to school, on the bus,
His first day. To meet new people, to make new friends,
To make new foes. They hate him, they love him, their feelings all the same.
Not as many seem to bother, neither do they care.

After meeting these people, making these friends,
Their ideas became his, their plans his own.
No longer did he think, no longer did he wonder,
He became we, his became theirs. He did not lead,
Nor did he follow, rolling with the punches, the kicks,
The shoves. He grew, they grew, they all grew.

Success, failure, times of happiness and strife,
Still unaware of himself, who he was, how
He became them. A turn for the better,
For the worse, not able to make choices.
A mixture of emotions, unsettled, uneasy, lost,
Without them he had nothing, without them he had all.

Confused and bothered, not sure of which
Way he should go, path to take. Influenced by many,
Instructed by none, it is all up to him; he’s the only one.
He is no longer everything, he is no longer all.
The little boy, now a man with a wife and child.
The larger his world grew, the smaller he became, allowing himself to fade.

Stepped down into the shadows of sorrow and misfortune.
Unhappy with himself, with who he has, who he hasn’t, become.
For so long, this we, now back to a he, laughed when they laughed,
Cried when they cried, did what they did. He looks, he sees, he knows,
That he hasn’t fulfilled his dreams, what he has wanted.
For so long a we – he had forgotten how to be a me.

ok well i'll write something tomorrow...or not...only time will tell.

Christmas break: 6 days (fa-la-la-la-la)
Christmas: 8 days (santaa is a-comin)
2009: 15 days (time to starting accomplishing those '08 resolutions)

Bianca "The Snake" D'Arco

it's my mafia name[according to blogthings]..try not to get too jealous.

my left hand smells like perfume, i was flipping threw a magazine and made sure to sniff every perfume sample paper thing[they def. will have long term effects on my brain i just know it...] but anyway not my [left] hadn smells like perfume and it's wonderful.

have you ever had that feeling where for a quick moment what happened "yesterday" or for a few seconds what is happening to you is a dream? yea, it happened to me this morning when i got on the bus. right when i sat down i had a feeling that all of my yesterday was a dream and then i thought well psh, no that doesn't make sense. and i went back to living. i don't know...it was kind of "cool" i guess. but then again i do get picked up at 6:10 so i guess i could ahve fallen asleep as i was sitting down, but that's pretty unlikely.

pretty weird man, pretty weird.
the oven just beeped, time to go.

gobble gobble.

isn't that the sound turkeys make? or is that chickens?

...i put the same link for live your life and whatever you like...but i don't think it really matters.[at least not to me]

thanksgiving was good. fabulous food. and by fabulous food i mean it was AH-MAZE-ING! so delicious.

then the next day. BLACK friday [to be exact] me and the hermano went shopping...not during mega mass hysteria though. we got there by about 12:00ish.
i got 2 old man sweaters. [that's what i like to call them]
and this ridiculously cute FOUR dollar dress!

apart from food/clothing i enjoyed the whole "family scene" where we were together. it was nice. and gave me that "warm" feeling inside. can't wait for christmas[not because of gifts...but for the same feeling]...the thanksgiving-christmas period is my favorite.

i've started writing poems again. maybe i'll post one on here some day?
merry christmas.[incase i don't write anytime soon].

...forgive me for my horrid attempt at grammar...[i'll try harder next time]
i feel like i've grown up...over these 2 months much has changed...let's see.

President [to be]: OBAMA!
-i was pleased. i want a shirt. if you know where i could get, let
me know. i'll probably end up ordering online.

Music [that i am/fell in love with]:
I Like Your Supras -Mickey Factz [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeYPfZvF9Lw]
Baracuda...this is an actually group.
- Ladida [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ_IRZtc7QE]
- more
Cobrastyle -Robyn [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBa1AojTCMo]
Live Your Life -T.I.(ft. Rihanna) [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p96Sv1k6zQs&feature=related] lol i tihnk the begining
Whatever You Like -T.I. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p96Sv1k6zQs&feature=related]
soo many more [...i think]
Here In Your Arms -Hellogoodbye [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-KQ1tp_qOQ]
Womanizer -Britney Spears [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZSLIq6YiRY]
Single Ladies -Beyonce [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mVEGfH4s5g]
I'm Yours -Jason Mraz [still a good one]
Love Lockdown -Kanye West [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVZX-W3vo9I]

not soo much into whatever you like anymore though.

high school musical 3!! i went. i saw. i conquered...i think that's how it[Alexander the Great quote] goes? [i've never been a history buff]. i thought it was ridiculously good though.

so i remember saying i wouldn't watch Gossip Girl [liar!]. good show, i like...i mean not heroes good. but good enough.
I found out Chuck [Ed Westwick] is actually British lol so now i love the show even more.

heroes...has been a good season. love sylar/elle even though elle bothers me. i don't know whatevs.

other current shows : ugly betty, the office, 30 rock.

i had something else pop culture related to say but i can't remember. i doubt it was important.

next post = something [actually] important [paha...because THAT always happens.]

So I won't hesitate no more, no more

it cannot wait I'm sure
there's no need to complicate
our time is short

i "discovered" someone new that i like. jason mraz. i heard this song yesterday and really liked it and i listened again and decided i definetly liked it.
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkHTsc9PU2A]

so i've been thinking[for quite a while] and it definetly feels like things are just going so quickly[faster than before]. and i haven't been able to capture every memory like i used to. maybe i'm busier? or i just don't care about the finer details anymore? or i never did capture those moments in the first place...and i'm realzing it now? whatever it is, i kind of miss the feeling that i had when i was younger. when i would go out and play and not even realize that "tomorrow" would not be the same thing. i sometimes wonder what went through my mind when i was little. some things just never clicked. i never actually realized that in 5 years, even a year, things could be completly different. i guess it JUST hit me how much time had [actually] passed. it seriously feels like yesterday me and my brother were kids. but then again all of my memories feel like "yesterday". which, i guess, is a good thing that my recollections [of the past] are so vivid.

i guess i'll just have to pay more attention to the finer things in life and live everyday like it's my last, so i can soak up all of my "fabulous" memories. so in a year[or 2] when someone asks me what i did in the past year i can reply with a nice, detailed answer instead of a blank stare uttering the words "i'm not sure..."

i'm in a creative mood. maybe i'll write a [non-rhyming] poem...

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