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blogthings is stupid.

i wanted to know if i was a jerk or not. and one of the questions asked what my sense of humor was: mean, silly, sarcastic.

i was stuck between the two. so first i put silly and got:

You Are a Total Jerk

Honestly, you really don't care what other people think of you. And it shows!

It's a dog eat dog world out there. And you're not about to be anyone's snack.

While there's no harm in looking out for yourself, your plan may be a little short sighted.

Someday you may need a favor from someone, and that favor will be hard to collect on if you've burned your bridges.

then when i put sarcastic:

You Are Not a Jerk

You treat everyone as fairly as possible. You think it's important to be good to people.

You may feel like being rude at times, but you hold back. You are civilized.

While you are considerate, you don't go overboard. You only show others the same respect you'd expect.

Those who want to take advantage of you may accuse you of being a jerk, but in truth, they're the real jerks!

i guess i'm a halfsie-jerk? because my humor would be silly sarcasm. or maybe i should stop using quizzes to figure out what type of human being i am.

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